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Closed and safe route within Tuan Chau Island



If the sunset takes the example for “a beautiful ending”, Sunset bay Triathlon is a great evidence for “this happy ending”, in terms of literal and figurative meanings, when we approach near the finish line after all our great efforts. Therefore, you will enjoy the way reaching the finish line with the sunset along an extremely beautiful beach.

Sunset Bay Triathlon starts with a swimming pool track of 1.5km in length, from Tuan Chau beach; you can immerse yourself in the cool turquoise water of the sea on the white sand. For the first time in Vietnam, you will have a valuable chance to experience the best class swimming track with passionate cheering of your friends and fans along this swimming track of SBT

Explore “a pearl island” with a safe cycling journey of 40km in length, closed totally along the beach with lush green coconut trees and murmuring waves with a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay, which will certainly be one of the poetic cycling tracks.

When the sunset falls on the sea, surroundings filled with glittering gold, along the beach in the afternoon of sunset we will be running towards the finish line with sweeter experience.

Located in the world heritage complex of Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island creates a closed and isolated playground, which is not affected by external traffic, so it will surely bring athletes the safe and awesome experience.


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